We want you to know who your HOA board members are and we want you to engage them with your issues and concerns. HOA board members are here to serve you. You should reach out to them with questions and issues that concern you. We can’t help solve your issues or alleviate your concerns if we don’t know what they are. One of our major goals is increase community involvement by our residents. We are constantly looking for ways to make our community better and ways to provide services to those who call Brentwood Park home. We are confident that our residents have good ideas on things we can do. We definitely want to here from you. We encourage you to attend the HOA meetings when they occur. Meetings will always be posted in advance on the placard at the exit of our subdivision.

Raoul Clarke - President

Raoul Clarke - President (Whitaker).

A native of New York, Raoul, his wife (Tonia) and three children moved to BWP in June 2010. Raoul is a retired Army Noncommissioned Officer.

Contact: rcbrentwood@gmail.com

Quintin McChristian - Member

Quintin McChristian - Vice President (Whitaker).

Hailing from Indianapolis, Indiana, Quintin and his wife of 36 years (Brenda) moved into BWP in June 2000 shortly before he retired from the Army as a Chief Warrant Officer with 26 years of service.

Contact: qmbrentwood@gmail.com

Shawn Fannin - Secretary (Huntington). A native of Atlanta, Georgia, Shawn is a graduate of Mercer University.  Shawn enjoys her career as a dedicated servant for the American public. She is a proud resident of the Brentwood Park Community and has lived here since August 2002.

Tamara Martin - Treasurer

Tamara Martin—Treasurer (Huntington).

Tamara is a native of Huntington, West Virginia. She moved to Brentwood Park in 2007.

Contact: twmhoa@hotmail.com


Phil Dover (Whitaker).

Contact:  hpdover@gmail.com